In response to the changing landscape of the communications and public relations (PR) industry, MSLGROUP has grown its presence steadily in Asia through strategically acquiring best-in-class local agencies with capabilities beyond traditional PR as well as attracting and developing a diverse set of talents.

BRIDGE has partnered with MSLGROUP since 2012 to develop and deliver its flagship leadership programmes for directors and managers across Asia. These programmes have been instrumental in bringing leaders from various agencies within the group together and creating a shared culture that is centred on the group’s ‘Have Heart’ philosophy.

In 2014, BRIDGE worked with its regional leadership team to help challenge them to think differently and co-create a new future for MSLGROUP’s business in Asia among themselves. Senior leaders examined the emerging trends, made sense of data collected from interviews with various stakeholders including clients, colleagues and industry players, and faced its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Through the power of collective genius and honest conversations, deep insights emerged which inspired a new vision and strategy that the leadership team felt proud and committed to lead for in Asia. This bold vision also translated into rigorous actions to drive the changes that helped the organisation stay ahead of the curve with truly insights-led and integrated solutions that deliver a measurable impact on their clients’ business