Connecting Culture to Commercial Advantage
BRIDGE is working with a global bank to inspire real competitive advantages through the power of culture. Partnering with them on a landmark cultural change programme, we are helping them connect culture and values to their current big business challenges: improving customer-centricity, simplifying business and enhancing conduct and protection.

A programme of near-unprecedented scope
The bank faces significant threats in its external environment. To address this, the senior leadership has enacted a global culture change programme that is near unprecedented in scope within the sector. BRIDGE has already supported the first two phases of the cascade of the programme to over 20,000 leaders and is currently supporting the roll out to over 200,000 employees over the next two years.

Seizing the opportunities out of a necessity
The culture change programme uses the requirement to ‘fix’ the culture and harnesses it to inspire the creation of a genuine high performance culture underpinned by values. Employees face intense performance pressures in an environment where ‘doing business’ has become harder and harder. We show how attitude determines behaviour, how behaviour drives success, and how leaders can leverage this.

Making a simple choice – being at our best
BRIDGE helped identify three simple ‘attitudes’ that describe the culture when it is not at its best, when employees get caught in their fear of putting their heads above the parapet and lose sight of their values and what’s important to them. Instead, employees are challenged to become more mindful of when they are operating at their best and when they are not – and when they are not, make a conscious choice to live their values, make considered decisions, and speak up.