Purpose-led transformation
BRIDGE co-created ‘Project Diamond’ with Lindt UK in order to inspire a purpose-led business step change. Project Diamond challenged the leadership talent at every level to unlock the commercial and cultural value of ‘Making People Feel Special’ – a truly game-changing organisational purpose.

Two million special moments
We set the audacious objective of creating 2 million special family moments, inspiring 2 million acts of kindness and encouraging 2 million ‘minutes for ourselves’. This sense of purpose made the entire business feel like part of a movement for lasting change. In short, Project Diamond helped Lindt’s leaders understand the transformational power of making people feel special again.

Closer to what special really means
BRIDGE took Lindt’s people out of the workplace and introduced them to a cocktail of extraordinary real life experiences, bringing them closer to what special could really mean. Just one example of this was NACRO’s education programme, where Lindt’s leaders mentored young people from difficult backgrounds to help them see themselves and the world in a new way.

Commercial advantage
Since Project Diamond, Lindt has spotted more talent from within and promoted people faster (30% uplift). Lindt is an even better place to work (0% leadership attrition) and has driven its business forward by illuminating the link between its purpose and its future commercial success.