Empowering leaders across the globe
How do you build an extraordinary leadership ethos across a global business? BRIDGE partnered with Lenovo to create ‘Managing@Lenovo’, a global leadership programme that inspired the Chinese tech giant’s 1800 managers worldwide to discover more about their own potential and how they can make an impact in the business. Put simply, how to bring out the extraordinary version of themselves at work.

Strengthening culture at the roots
Working in local languages and drawing upon the inherent strength of Lenovo’s blend of Eastern and Western culture, the two-day ‘Managing@Lenovo’ empowered Lenovo’s global managers across China, Japan, the US and Europe. As a result, managers are better equipped to take the next step forward in their careers, and Lenovo’s unique corporate culture is stronger at the roots.

Addressing the challenges of growth
Lenovo’s 2005 acquisition of IBM’s worldwide PC division super-charged the Chinese firm’s growth and helped propel it to the top of the global PC market. But ‘going global’ brings special challenges. Lenovo’s remarkable growth created a pressing need to build a common leadership ethos within its budding corporate culture. ‘Managing@Lenovo’ addressed this need, drawing on the cultural strengths of both Lenovo and IBM.

Bringing people with you
The workshop gave Lenovo’s managers the skills and perspectives needed to ‘translate strategy to execution’ and to ‘bring people with you’. Managers were able to go deeper into their own self-development and discover new approaches to achieving excellence in business. ‘Managing@Lenovo’ has achieved simply outstanding results, measured both by the overall management capability index and by specific performance indicators.