Bringing service to life
BRIDGE worked with a major global retailer to build a culture of ‘living service’ based on the power of positive and mindful employee attitudes. ‘Living service’ means employees are empowered to deliver natural and responsive service using their own drive and resourcefulness – a ‘win-win’ situation that benefits staff, company and customer. This resulted in dramatic improvements to morale and customer experience.

“I have a choice”
A centralisation drive had realised economies of scale but sapped employee motivation. We put motivation at the centre of the service programme and showed employees that they have the power to ‘choose their attitude’. This focus on ‘attitude’ put the soul and human essence back into service and helped staff to tap into the extraordinary version of themselves.

A Peer-to-Peer Cascade
The programme started in five ‘hot house’ stores and quickly spread across the firm’s global operations. Rather than rely on outside trainers, we empowered 25,000 staff to act as change champions. The work of these trained ‘fire lighters’ sent a strong signal that it was the retailer’s own people who were creating positive change and opening up possibility and potential.

Tangible results
The retailer experienced a 6% improvement in morale across all stores. ‘Living Service’ stores consistently outperformed the other stores in terms of overall customer service (+8%), warmth and friendliness (+18%) and helpfulness (+45%).  Staff absences and attrition both decreased and the retailer’s contact centre operations achieved a 45% improvement in service levels during the busiest period of the year.